THREE #3, published in June ’12 with the aid of the Prism Queer Press Grant, brings you all-new queer comics goodness, starting off with an 8 page Wuvable Oaf tie-in story by Ed Luce; “Fly Like an Eagle,” from Carrie McNinch, which tells of her stoner-teen high school years back in 1979 Los Angeles; and “Oh No!” a crazy, very funny all-star comics jam instigated by Jen Camper, featuring Jen, Ivan Velez, Jr., Howard Cruse, Diane DiMassa, Ellen Forney, Joan Hilty, and Editor Robert Kirby (that’s me)! There are also special guest pages of art & comics by such queer, punk, and autobio comics illuminati as Michael Fahy, Janelle Hessig with Matt Runkle, MariNaomi, and Ignatz nominee Marian Runk.  You won’t want to miss this critically-acclaimed issue! $5 (price includes postage).  Overseas: please inquire about postage costs before ordering:

Snack Pak, my 2013 solo comic zine. This first issue features a good selection of my autobio comics from late 2011 to early 2013. In addition to daily diary strips, you’ll get tales of traveling joys and woes, see how I fare when tabling at comics expos, learn why I love to-go coffees, and enjoy cameo appearances from Ginger the Wonder Dog, some of my esteemed cartoonist peers, and a hot doctor who once came to my rescue, 30,000 feet in the air! Snack Pak is professionally printed with 24 B&W pages and color covers. $5 (price includes postage). “The pages are glossy and the art is gorgeous.” Kevin Bramer, Optical Sloth

“A tasty little amuse-bouche” Anthony Glassman, The Cleveland Gay People’s Chronicle  Overseas: please inquire about postage costs before ordering:

Available again as of SEPT 2016!

TABLEGEDDON, a well-received comics anthology all about selling comics at comic cons and expos (i.e. “tabling”). Inside you’ll find a swell collection of alternately bitterly hilarious, sweetly funny, and even harrowing true tales from the trenches of tabling from an estimable list of some of my favorite alt-comics creators, including Kelly Froh, Max Clotfelter, Justin Hall, John Porcellino, Carrie McNinch, Gabrielle Gamboa, Rick Worley, Cara Bean, Jason Martin, Tony Breed, and Aron Nels Steinke, among others - including meTABLEGEDDON is 32 B&W pages with color covers; $5 (price includes postage).  Overseas: please inquire about postage costs before ordering:

PRATFALL, my most recent comics zine, is a collection of stories and vignettes from 14 stellar alt-comics creators recalling painful and/or humiliating accidents and injuries they have suffered. Contributors: Cara Bean, Tony Breed, Tessa Brunton, Max Clotfelter, Kelly Froh, Gabrielle Gamboa, Becky Hawkins, Rob Kirby, Carrie McNinch, MariNaomi, John Porcellino, Aron Nels Steinke Noah Van Sciver, and Jason Viola.

Our Motto: “Share the Pain!” And share it we do. PRATFALL is 40 B&W pages with color covers; $5 (price includes postage). Read this fine review from Kevin Bramer at Optical Sloth & this one from Rob Clough in The Comics Journal.

Overseas: please inquire about postage costs before ordering:

NEW FROM NINTH ART PRESS: What’s Your Sign, Girl?, my latest anthology, is a collection of stories from 12 acclaimed alt-comics creators –one from each sign of the zodiac–writing about their relationship to their sign, from pro to con to “questioning.” Contributors, from Aries to Pisces: Delaine Derry Green, Kevin Budnik, Whit Taylor, Tyler Cohen, Cara Bean, Rob Kirby, Rick Worley, Eric Kostiuk Williams, Dan Mazur, Annie Murphy, Aron Nels Steinke, and Marnie Galloway. “Rob Kirby knows how to make things flow, so that the pages turn as smoothly as the moon and planets going across the sky,” says Rob McMonigal in this excellent review on Panel Patter. Read also this fine June 2016 write up from critic Robert Clough.

WYSG is a 76-page trade paperback with full color covers & endpapers by Michael Fahy. Available here from Ninth Art Press. $10.95 (plus postage).

FROM NORTHWEST PRESS: QU33R, published in 2014, features 241 pages of all-new, full color comics from 33 contributors–legends and newcomers alike. Among the many creators featured are Jennifer Camper, Howard Cruse, Diane DiMassa, Kris Dresen, Michael Fahy, Edie Fake, Rob Kirby, Ed Luce, MariNaomi, L. Nichols, Carrie McNinch, Annie Murphy, Eric Orner, Sasha Steinburg, & Eric Kostiuk Williams. (There’s so many, don’t make me list them all!) With a Foreward by Justin Hall. “Overall this is an excellently curated and designed collection of cartooning that will sit happily alongside the Best American Comics series and Ivan Brunetti’s Graphic Fiction volumes.” Tom Murphy, Broken Frontier.

Available here from Northwest Press.


VERY LOW STOCK (as of July ’17). A little comic book starring my adorable black lab Ginger in her true life adventures, this is easily the most popular zine I’ve ever done. See her catch a squirrel without even trying, run afoul of a skunk, enact a poem, and more, including 4 brand new comics! Also featuring a lovely Ginger portrait by esteemed alt-cartoonist MariNaomi, and an updated dog comics bibliography. 12 B&W pages with color covers. This  book is (mostly) all-ages and “pretty much indispensable for dog lovers,” according to this nice review by Kevin Bramer of Optical Sloth.

$3.00 (price includes postage). Overseas: please inquire about postage costs before ordering: