Published by Hobnob Press (aka Rob Kirby) in 1998 after he got a Xeric Grant, this book collects the best of the first 4 years of Rob’s comic strip, “Curbside,” which ran in the gay and alternative presses for 17 years (1991-2008). Sorry, the book is out-of-print, and now sells only at hyper-inflated prices from used book outlets.  What can I say, you had your chance.

Curbside Boys

A highly regarded graphic novel about the tumultuous love affair between Drew, a lonely would-be writer and Nathan, a sexy slacker type, in late 1990s New York City.   The Lambda Book Report called this “an unexpected little treasure,” while Brian Cronin at Comic Book Resources wrote, “The art is good but the real draw here is the interactions between the characters - they're all so relatable that it never feels like a soap opera - it feels like real life, and that's an impressive feat by Kirby with a fictional work.”

Boy Trouble issue 5

This fifth edition of the classic gay boy comics anthology mutated into an acclaimed 80 page paperback, featuring all the BT artists we’ve all come to know and love, including David Kelly, Michael Fahy, Andy Hartzell, and Craig Bostick, as well as kick-ass new-comers to the BT experience, such as Shirtlifter creator Steve MacIsaac, and hot-stuff girl creators like Leanne Franson, GB Jones and Jennifer Camper. 

The Book of Boy Trouble

The best of the first four issues of Boy Trouble, with lots of extras, including 24 pages in full-color.

The Book of Boy Trouble 2: Born to Trouble

Aka, The Sequel to the above. In full color this time.